Signboard = home page, membership cards = email marketing?

The front of a shop.

Do you feel that your online customer experience is not generating more leads and increased conversion?

You’ve put up all these amazing offers on your website.

You are active on social media, advertising your brand, investing in paid ads.

You interact with prospects and followers online, answering their questions, even…

The other day, I picked up a book entitled Otherworld. It claims that if you’re a fan of the novel or movie “Ready Player One”, then you could get hooked.

I’m not really a fan of sci-fi, but I read it anyway. It took me just one day to finish…

Could it be that it’s the senior citizens who are misunderstood in this Digital Age?

Senior citizens today are more adept at using technology. This is a far cry from the early 2000s where I had to witness a high-ranking senior manager in his 60s grappling with a mouse, trying to ‘chase’ the pointer on the desktop, in a training session called “Management Reports Using…

10 Pitfalls you must avoid as a new freelance writer

Confession. I’ve gotten into the freelance world for less than a year and have yet to make a stable income and sustainable lifestyle out of it. Since I’ve made some mistakes and learned from them the hard way, I thought of documenting them as pitfalls to be avoided. …

Back when I was in the rat race, I was known as the ultimate multitasker. I had this misguided notion that accommodating requests from my boss, my peers, and even people from other departments would help me advance in my career. I’d increase my visibility, extend my network that included…

student preparing for an online class

Online class is not what it’s cracked up to be.

With the new normal becoming the catchphrase everywhere due to the pandemic, new ways of doing things emerge. Virtual learning has now taken center stage. …

Is it really far-fetched to say that you can save people’s lives through Internet of Things (IoT)?

Consider this scenario

You are in your car at a jam-packed highway, 7.45 am in the morning, going to work. Looking at the extraordinary traffic, you know you will be late for work and you’re getting…

You don’t believe in having New Year’s resolutions anymore.

You were once a staunch believer of having New Year’s resolutions, but since they never materialize, you stop making them, and you resign to just accept the status quo.

Many people don’t realize that a change in habit is imperative too…

Shigim Yusof

Freelance Writer for Hire. She resigned from her IT job only to find out that she’s not a lady of leisure. Check out her writer website

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